About Martin van Bree

The Artist

Martin van Bree is a passionate painter, who in the course of the years has developed and perfected his own expressive style. Fascinated by nature, the soul of a person and the heart of a moment he is able to capture this uniqueness in an interaction of colours and light. His passion for nature, particularly for flowers can be found in many of his paintings. These paintings are so true to life as if you hear the wind murmuring, and forgetting they are paintings, one is tempted to try and reach for the dewdrops.

French Period

His travels brought Martin van Bree to Cannes where he lived for many years in the 'Vieux Port'. He became an integral part of the daily life in the narrow streets and alleys of the old seaport, which he faithfully captured in his early paintings. Having Cannes as his base, he sailed through the world, where he discovered the powers of light and its uses through the understanding of nature. The profound knowledge of the varied effect of light in nature, allows him to express a clear and strong understanding of his use of colours always present in his creations.

Spanish Period

It was during the fourteen years Martin van Bree lived in Barcelona that he developed the rare skill of being able to capture in his work those special moments often found missing in expressive portraits. He developed and master his ability to portrait in his finished works a happy and joyful atmosphere as an attribute of his skilful use of light. Under the tuition of various Spanish masters, he learned to refine his skills on oil paint mixing.

Amsterdam Period

Martin van Bree experienced the "art of watch and see" even more during his Amsterdam period, a city that Martin van Bree described as the "metropolis of himan contrasts and liberty". Together with his master Leo Hendricks, he learned the 'old craft' of how to catch the soul of a person, the heart of a moment by the use and interplay of colours and ight.

Thai Period

Since 1996 Martin lives in the sea resort city of Pattaya, in Thailand. There he concentrates on his own unique style: an merging of flowers with people. He learned about the love of the Thai for their royal family, and dedicated many of his paintings to them.